Identify plants/weeds

Asked September 20, 2015, 3:31 PM EDT

Hello- I am new to the area and I have several plants that seem to be invading the yard. Can anyone help to identify? Any info you can provide is appreciated. Thank You!

Sussex County Delaware

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It is difficult to identify the plant in the first photo with 100% certainty. If possible take a sample to your local extensions office for identification. The Sussex County Delaware office is located at 16483 County Seat Highway, Georgetown. That said the plant appears to be a Crape Myrtle. These bushes/trees do very well in our county and are very desirable in the right place. There are various cultivars of Crape Myrtle and various sizes (some are quite large). Attached is a close up photo of new growth on a Crape Myrtle which may help to verify the identification. See this website for information on growing these plants:

The vine shown in the second and third picture is Virginia Creeper. This is a native fast growing, perennial, woody vine that may climb or trail along the ground. The leaves turn red in the fall and it produces berries that birds like. It is usually spread by seed but stems will root when they touch the ground. The plant tolerates a wide range of conditions. Remove young seedlings by hand to keep vines from taking control. See this website for more information: