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Asked September 19, 2015, 6:45 PM EDT

Just ran across this, guy has fantastic a garden but why wood chips?Is there something special about the compost they make?I don't want to take a part of my garden out of use for a year.I plant a winter cover crop and have a compost pile.Mulch heavily with straw and at end of Summer turn that in.Are there any advantages to the wood chip method?
I live in central South Carolina, could I start a worm farm outside that would survive the Winter?

Lexington County South Carolina

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I am not familiar with the Back to Eden Garden.
To improve soils we recommend cover cropping and mulching and it sounds like you are doing those now. Do you have a specific soil problem you feel that needs to be addressed that I might be able to help with? (Sandy soil is typically the biggest hurdle in the middle of our state) Cover Cropping will help improve that by increasing organic matter in the soil. :)

As far was vermicomposting, yes, you can do that in South Carolina. Here is some information that will be helpful: