"Firewood for Homestead Model with Soap Stone Free Standing 8570F Woodkind"

Asked September 18, 2015, 3:04 PM EDT

Would you please provide some professional information for the following: 1. The best and most reliable store for hard wood possible kilned dry oak or the best suggestion for a low percent of H2O in wood for Homestead Model stove with Soap stone free standing 8570F stove. It is my understanding that 20% would be the ideal H2O content of the would not to contain creosote and pollution. 2. Address of such reliable place since I have been warned to be aware of scammers!!! Looking forward for your information and thank you very much in advance. Dr. Kadar Attila T. Kadar, M.D. 601 Somersworth Way, Silver Spring Maryland 20902 Landphone: 301-622-0732 Mobile/Cell 24x7 = 301-806-0078

Montgomery County Maryland

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Mr. El Sawi,

Jonathan Kays has a number of publications on heating with wood as well as webinars. They are found on his website at: www.extension.umd.edu/woodland

Go to publication and look under wood energy

Go to our youtube channel or webinar link and you will find some resources as well.