Large orb weaver in northern Georgia

Asked September 18, 2015, 9:42 AM EDT

Found this fairly large spider this morning in backyard. The large orbital web is approximately 2 feet in diameter and is well anchored from a branch 7 ft above and to the grass below. Spider's body (cephalothorax and large abdomen, not including legs) is at least the size of a nickel. Legs are large and fleshy (not spiny) and are long and thick. Color is tan throughout. Spider was fairly shy, and retreated up to the branch about a minute after I approach it. Web was built overnight, as it was not there yesterday evening. Any idea what kind of spider this is?

Cobb County Georgia

2 Responses

There are over 800 species of spiders in Georgia, so despite the detail provided in your description it is impossible to determine the identification without an image.

I apologize, the images were not attached to the submission I received. This appears to be a barn spider (Araneus cavaticus), one of the most common spiders seen this time of year.