brown recluse spider

Asked September 17, 2015, 11:02 PM EDT

A friend said she got bit by a brown recluse spider while picking tomatoes. She didn't feel the sting or bite, but the bite area on her finger definitely got dark purple/blue within 12 hours, and it got even larger as the day wore on. The emergency department said it looked like venom was spreading and that it was probably a brown recluse spider. Do they live in a vegetable garden environment? Another friend was on a riding mower in his yard and went under a tree branch and brushed a spider web out of his way. Within 2 hours he couldn't breathe, swollen around face and neck from a bite (discovered later) on the back of his neck. What spider could have done that?

Talbot County Maryland

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Different spider bites cause different responses in different people. Some people have very severe reactions to varying types of spiders. The brown recluse spider does not live in gardens of Maryland. It is a spider that lives in the southwest that CAN be brought in in luggage. One cannot identify a spider by the form of allergic reaction that a person may have. vw