Soil crusting and poppy seedling emergence

Asked September 17, 2015, 5:10 PM EDT

Hello, I'm going to sow oriental poppy seeds soon. The planting area has been cleared, amended with compost and tilled. After the last rain, a fine crust developed on the soil. Since poppy seeds are so small, will the crust interfere with the emergence of the seedlings if the crust forms after the seeds are sown? Should the crust be broken up; add compost; sow the seed on the compost and cover with a thin layer of straw? I also want to prevent the seeds being moved around by rain. Thanks.

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Break up the present crust just before sowing. Seed should be able to break through a thin crust.
Yes, compost would be good to incorporate.

Many kinds of poppy seeds need light to germinate. They are sown on the surface of the soil and/or not covered. Use a search engine to find out about your species of poppies, if that information is not on the seed packet. If they need light to germinate, you will not want to cover them with straw.