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I have included a pic of a crop.. Have no idea what it is ???? 1st time I 've seen it in this area..... I am very curious about this....Info would be great. Thanks -- Susan T. in Elsmere.....

New Castle County Delaware

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The picture shows what looks like grain sorghum. There is a little sorghum grown in Delaware, but not too much. It kind of looks like short spindly corn, but then the head that comes up at the top looks more like millet seed. A web post from Delaware's Cooperative Extension Agronomist can be found here:
A few highlights include:
Grain sorghum is not a widely grown crop in Delaware. Corn, soybeans, small grains, and many vegetables are typically more profitable than grain sorghum. As corn prices have increased, so has sorghum (as it is based on a percentage of the corn market) and the number of acres being grown in Delaware. Sorghum is well suited for areas with a dry climate as the majority of sorghum is grown in states such as Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. While some information exists on growing sorghum in Delaware, the web post highlights the basics.
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