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Asked September 16, 2015, 4:32 PM EDT

I live in the panhandle of NE zone 4. I have Himrod grapes. My plant is about 3 years old. When are grapes supposed to bloom? It is Sept 16 today and just yesterday I saw (for the first time ever) several blossom clusters on my plant. I always assumed grapes bloom in the spring?? Several weeks ago, I pruned my plant because we were siding our house. I pruned most of the side branches to about 4-5 feet but the vine is still very healthy. Is fall blooming normal, or did I encourage the vine to bloom because I pruned it? I bought the plant from Walmart so didn't know it was not as cold hardy as others and because we are zone 4 it has frozen the last two years (IE: I only get shoots from the side of the main stem, never from the main stem itself) Will these blossoms have time in our area for fruit to ripen? The last question is: Can you pick fruit after a hard freeze? (IE: does a freeze hurt the fruit?)

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Sorry for the delay in this response. I was at a conference last week. Fall blooming is not normal for grapes; however, we sometimes see blooming in fruiting plants during fall. Pruning likely initiated the response. However, weather variables such as above normal rainfall, can also lead to blooming out of season. My guess is it was a combination of factors.

I doubt the fruit will have time to mature. And yes, you can pick fruit after a hard freeze, as long as the fruit is still in good enough condition to be edible, i.e. not mushy and darkened in color due to freeze damage.