paper wasp nest

Asked September 16, 2015, 2:35 PM EDT

We have a HUGE nest in the back yard. I was hoping to spray the nest, allow time after a couple of applications for the wasps to die and then remove it as a specimen for the kids to take to school. I know that the "attack" should be done at night and the nest should be sprayed, essentially, at the bottom. All I need is to either borrow or create some netting to attach to the hood of the raincoat (heavy plastic) that I plan to use. I have only one can of wasp spray...guess I should get at least another as further "ammunition". I don't know how fragile the nest is; what would be recommended as a container for the nest. I'd guestimate that it is about 14-16 inches in diameter at the top...maybe a bit more. Any "mistake" proof suggestions would be appreciated. Oh, what is/are the best remedies for stings? ;)

Chester County Pennsylvania

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It is possible you may be referring to a bald faced hornet nest. Go to our website and view photos.

If this is in an area where the hornets are not a threat to you, leave the nest alone. They are beneficial because they feed on many pest insects. The queen will overwinter elsewhere next year and the workers will die out with a hard frost.
At that point, you may be able to knock down the nest and take to the school.

If you have to control, look for a wasp and bee aerosol. Look for the entrance hole during the day. Control should be done in the evening when all are in the nest. Do not shine a flashlight directly on the nest, as this may attract the hornets towards the light after being sprayed. Direct a stream of insecticide into the entrance hole and follow all label directions. If they emerge, stop and continue control the next evening.
For more information on stinging insects see our publication.