Stickers Spreaders for Roses

Asked September 16, 2015, 2:25 PM EDT

The two sticker/spreaders sold by my supplier: Rosemania, are restricted from being sold in Utah. The products are Brandt Super 7 and Indicate 5. Why would a sticker/spreader be restricted? It's mostly just soap, right? What state regulatory agency would I contact about getting them off the restricted list? I bought Indicate 5 for years and now lately Rosemania won't sell it to me. What sticker/spreaders would be available and which would you recommend? I found three on Amazon. Why are they not restricted?This whole situation makes no sense to me and reeks of beaurocratic baloney. I have almost 200 rose bushes and my fungicide (for powdery mildew) is not as effective lately without a sticker/spreader

Tooele County Utah

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The only reason a pesticide product (which includes spreader-stickers) would not be available for sale in a sate is because the manufacturer of the product has not paid the state of Utah to have it registered in that state. They may think it is not worth it, or may never have gotten around to it.

One option is to contact the manufacturer and ask them to get it registered in Utah. Pesticides are regulated in Utah by the Utah Dept. of Ag. and Food, and the person who deals with the products is Scott Oldham,

Some suppliers on Amazon may not be following the individual state registrations.

Extension usually does not play a role in product registration, except in research.

As far as what to use, you could just use horticultural oil (0.5% mix), which is available at any garden center. This is a good option to help with powdery mildew, which I assume is the only disease you are battling.

Hi Marion,

Thanks so much for your thoughful and complete reply. I contacted Scott's office and a manufacturer has to spend a couple hundred dollars per year to register their product and lawfully sell it in Utah. I feel it should be a one time thing. So in a nutshell, in this case at least, I can't buy a usefull and harmless product because of a goofy regulation. Makes no sense to me why the registration has to be yearly.