Pasture management - new farm

Asked September 15, 2015, 4:29 PM EDT

Hello, I have a 6 acre property in boulder county (just west of Lyons) that I have recently begun keeping horses and sheep on. I have a couple areas that are barren and would like to plant cover crops to be food for the animals with the desire of eventually turning them into garden plots. Can you advise me on which varieties of seeds to use for this region and these purposes?

Also, I was recommended to do soil testing so I can better know what to augment in the soil. Is this something I can do through your organization?

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Boulder County Colorado

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First on the soil test, there are several labs that can do the analysis. I am attaching links to tell you how to collect the sample and then contact information for the labs to do the analysis. You can either mail the sample in yourself or bring it to our office and we will mail it in for you (we do charge for the postage). Costs for basic soil test is around $30.

For cover crops that can be grazed, you can use an annual grain crop such as oats or triticale or wheat. The triticale or wheat (get the winter varieties) could be planted this fall. The oats need to be planted in the spring.