when to divide and transplant hops at 8000ft

Asked September 15, 2015, 1:21 PM EDT

I have a hops plant that i would like to divide and transplant. I am near red feather lakes at about 8000 feet, and would like to know if i should transplant now or wait til spring?

Larimer County Colorado

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The best time to dig hop rhizomes and plant is in the spring. As soon as the ground thaws to about 1 foot you can start digging. You should mark where your crowns are now that they are growing, making them easier to find in spring. In spring, you should dig around the crown to find rhizomes, there will also be roots that will not propagate (google hop rhizomes for pictures of rhizomes vs roots). Once the rhizomes have been dug, you should plant them in a pot indoors (max 2" deep, planted horizontally with eyes/small white shoots up) to get them started growing. You should get lots of growth before planting in June or so (after last average freeze at your elevation). Don't worry about planting a bit later, once established in pots they will grow really well outside. To encourage growth after transplanting you can put up strings/cords and train bines on the string (clockwise looking down), they love to climb. They also love nitrogen fertilizer and once established outside and trained onto the cords you can fertilize with approx. 1 lb of (16-16-16) per plant.
Please let me know if you have more questions.