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Asked September 14, 2015, 11:16 AM EDT

I have a rose bush growing to close to a flowering crab tree. It's approx. 4years old & 5 feet tall. we are not sure of the name. It blooms all year prolifically. Is it possible to transplant this & would we do it in the spring? How much would we have to cut back. Thank You

Anoka County Minnesota transplanting roses

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It may be possible to transplant this bush but it will be more difficult because of it's proximity to the crabapple. Their roots will be intertwined and it will be hard to decided which roots beloong to which plant. The crab may suffer somewhat from the disruption of it's root system, so make sure that you give it some extra care and attention over the following year.

The best time to transplant a rose is in the early spring when the rose is still dormant. This will cause less stress and shock to the plant. Wait until all threat of frost or freezing weather has passed. Cut the rose canes back to 10-12 inches and remove all foliage, if there is any. Dig a new hole for the rose and make sure that there is good drainage. (If you’re not sure about drainage, dig your hole, fill it with water and come back in an hour. If the water has drained out, you have a good spot. If not, select another place. Roses do not like to have ‘wet feet’ or roots; they will fail to grow). Next, dig far enough away from the root ball that you do not damage the roots and are able to take as much root as possible. Mix equal amounts of mulch, potting soil and peat moss together and add ½ of this mixture around the roots after placing the root ball into the new hole. Water the soil well when the planting hole is only half filled and allow the water to settle (you may need to adjust the height of the rose at this point if the soil sank an excessive amount). Add the remainder of the soil mixture and water again. Water the rose every day for at least a week or two depending on the weather, and then at least once every few days (unless we get rain) for the rest of the growing year.. Do not fertilize or use any insecticides until you see new growth on the rose.

I hope this is helpful. Please contact AaE again if you have further questions.