ground ivy taking over yard

Asked September 13, 2015, 11:32 PM EDT

Ground ivy--with rounded, geranium-resembling leaves and trailing rooted stems--has taken over much of my small backyard lawn. Three years ago I killed all the grass by covering it tightly and reseeded the lawn with seed appropriate to the amount of sunlight the area gets, which is mostly no less than 6 hours during the warm months. Today much of the grass has been replaced by this creeping weed. I haven't fertilized because I am afraid of the polluting effects, and I don't care about having a "weed"-free lawn. But now it seems I have more ground ivy than grass. Why is the ground ivy going wild? How can I get some grass again?

Baltimore Maryland

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As you can see from the accompanying page, ground ivy is difficult to control. While we recommend manual removal in the spring, chemical control is sometimes required.
In order to regain a turf grass lawn, it will be necessary to provide appropriate fertilization.