Do I need to treat EAB infested ash tree wood?

Asked September 13, 2015, 10:40 PM EDT

I have an ash tree, infested with the emerald ash borer that is more than 60% dead. If I cut down the tree do I still need to treat the wood to prevent further EAB spread or can I just use the logs for fire wood without treating?

Anne Arundel County Maryland pest control eab and fire wood

1 Response

If you are using EAB infested ash tree wood for firewood, there are several considerations.
For example, if the wood is cut into firewood lengths and is neither de-barked nor split, and the wood remains moist during the winter months, any larvae or pupae that are in the wood could possibly survive the winter and emerge as adults next spring.
On the other hand, if the wood is either de-barked or split and stacked properly, the wood should dry out adequately to kill the larvae or pupae. Of course, it will also be important that most or all of the wood be burned over winter.
Do not treat the wood with any kind of chemical.