tree problem

Asked September 12, 2015, 12:01 PM EDT

we have an evergreen tree that seems to have died this summer. I think it's a fir and if you look at the pictures, it's accidently grafted with another type of fir, which is still living. In the background you'll see our neighbors tree, which is also dying. A separate picture of that tree is also attached. Is there a mite/blight or other disease affecting fir's? You'll also see spruces next to these that are unaffected..????

Harford County Maryland

1 Response

Based on your photos we could not identify the type of tree in the photos. Could be a fir or type of spruce. The tree is not grafted but has a low branch that should have been removed. There are many reasons for decline such as drought, soil compaction, poor drainage, etc. See our publication on these types of problems.
When subject to these stress factors trees can be susceptible to possible insects and diseases. Look along the trunk for holes that may indicate bark beetles. These boring insects attack stressed trees. There is no chemical control and removal is recommended.
Neighbor's tree - looks like a Norway spruce. The tree looks like it has been subject to stress conditions like construction damage to roots (putting in deck/patio), drought, etc. When stressed can be susceptible to insect or disease problems. You will have to remove.
See our website for more information when you replant.