Pine tree sap and dying oak trees in my yard

Asked September 12, 2015, 10:31 AM EDT

Hi there, why have my pine trees been giving off sap and coating everything from my pic-nic tables ,boat and my lawn furniture, literally everything. I`ve never seen anything like this in 24 years in West Branch, MI? Help!!

I have a more important follow-up query. My oak trees(scrub or red) not sure are dying and every time we have a big wind storm they come crashing down nearly hitting my house. I really don`t want to fell them and I really like them for shade,etc. But I don`t know which ones are threatening my home.

Some people tell me they are dying from "Root-Rot". Many of the trees have full foliage on them and some are sparse but many are in between. I can`t seem to find an Arborist up here, so I am hoping you can expound on these two problems and what I can expect.

To finish, I really can`t afford to remove them, so I hope you have answers for me.

Regards to you(and Sparty), Pat Kilbourn cell # 248.376.7631

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Thanks Pat for your questions. Do your pines drip sap almost like it is raining? This can be from pine spittle bugs. They are tiny insects that create a foam around themselves as the feed on the tree. They cause dripping on everything under the trees. I see this more in the summer but look for foam on the branches. The oaks require more discussion than works with trading messages. I will have one of our MSU Extension garden hotline team give you a call to discuss these problems.