Getting bit every night but never seen a bug

Asked September 12, 2015, 8:58 AM EDT

Hello. I stay at my boyfriend's house on the weekends and I can't go a single night without getting bitten. My boyfriend never gets bit. This has been going on for a few months now. I thought it was fleas because his mom has 3 dogs that aren't properly bathed or groomed but the dogs are downstairs and do not go upstairs, where his room is. Some nights aren't bad but some nights, like tonight, are really bad and I get bit 15+ times and can't sleep because I'm constantly scratching. We have done several things to try and get rid of the bugs. We've done DIY flea traps (never caught anything), we've used flea and other bugs powder for the carpets, we've put baking soda all in the carpet (another thing I read online that works better than flea powder), we've sprayed the room, washed all blankets and pillow cases, vacuumed vacuumed and vacuumed again, and we're about to do it all over again with washing everything vacuuming and spraying the room. There's no way it's bed bugs. We have took flashlights and searched all over the room, edges of carpet, the bed, everything. We've searched many times and have never seen a single bug. My boyfriend also has an air mattress, not a normal one. There are no bugs whatsoever on or in his mattress. It has to be the carpet. I'm the only one getting bit and it's driving me crazy. I barely get any sleep at night and my boyfriend has to listen to me complain about these phantom bugs. It's putting a strain in our relationship. I want these bugs evicted, but we can't even figure out what they are. We're trying and it's really hard. We've ruled out bed bugs, Mosquitos, and spiders. There's no way I could get bit for months and never seen a web, a bed bug, or a mosquito flying around. Also, it's ONLY when I'm sleeping. We can lay on the bed and watch tv and never get bit. But the second I fall asleep I'm getting bit. We also work late nights and sleep all morning, some afternoon so it's not like these bugs are nocturnal, unless they're also on our sleep schedule. Please help me try to figure out what's biting me, and what I can do about it. These bugs constantly have me in tears from sleepless nights. I'm going crazy. Nothing is working. Thank you in advance.

Clinton County Ohio

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I suggest contacting a pest management company to come do an inspection for you. You can also place sticky traps out to see if you collect anything and see if your local Extension office will be willing to take a look.

To be honest, it doesn't sound insect related. If you aren't seeing fleas and haven't found bed bugs, I'm not sure what else could be causing the problem only in the bed. Could it be possible that it is an allergy to the sheets, irritant on the mattress, etc.?

Without an actual insect to identify, it will be difficult for any entomologist to help in this matter and would be pure speculation. I think some sticky boards for monitoring purposes may help.