new construction infested with small red ants

Asked September 11, 2015, 2:25 PM EDT

We just built and must have been on a nest, we have sprayed around the foundation and are still getting ants in the house. Is there another product to use or action we can try. I don't like sharing my new home with the pests. We have no children in the house but do have 2 cats/

Shannon County South Dakota

1 Response

As you mentioned, the ants were there first and through natural foraging behavior, found a way into your newly constructed house. It is unlikely that you will eliminate the colonies surrounding your structure, so the goal will be to keep them outside.

Because of the agility and curiosity of cats, I wouldn’t recommend any sticky traps, accessible ant bait or any form of chemical treatment inside the house.

The first step is to identify where they are entering the structure. If you can resist the urge to squish the ants, you may be able to observe their behavior and follow the individuals or trail back to the entrance/ exit point. Once you find this point, I would recommend some pest proofing strategies to prevent them from getting inside. This would include: eliminating gaps under and around windows, as well as sealing and caulking gaps behind baseboards and trim. Through your observation, you may also be able to identify and eliminate the food source inside.

It was not mentioned what product you used around your foundation, but if it is labeled for household ants, and you find the location of the nest outdoors, you may consider treating this area as recommended by the label. If all self-investigating fails, there are several pest control companies that would accept your business. Keep in mind that their services often entail regular chemical treatments to the exterior, interior or possibly both.