How much dirt can cover a swamp maple tree

Asked September 11, 2015, 8:52 AM EDT

We are putting in a new patio and the edge of the patio and planting area will cover the drip line for the tree. This area involves 25% of the drip line of tree. There will be 2" of dirt in some areas up to 11" in one area. No dirt will be added near the trunk of tree. Will the tree survive with 25% of the drip line area on one side of tree compromised in this way?

Howard County Maryland trees maple fill dirt

1 Response

We cannot say for sure how your maple will respond to the modification of the soil level that you have described. Generally one should not put on more than three inches of soil over the roots. Some people suggest putting gravel over the existing grade or putting on a geogrid horizonal barrier under the added soil. You might consider contacting a certified arborist for recommendations. Another possibility is to remove the tree, put in the patio and then replant another tree. vw