Getting rid of worms in raspberries

Asked September 10, 2015, 11:20 PM EDT

Is there any pesticides I can use on my raspberries to kill that little fruit fly that causes the worms that would still be safe to eat the berries? My crop is the best it has ever been snd I am picking every day and they are even in the not so ripe ones so now I am ready to just cut them all down. So disappointed!

Macomb County Michigan

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It is probably the spotted wing drosophila or SWD. This pest appeared in Michigan in 2010 and fall raspberries are on of their preferred hosts. Sprays or netting are the only effective way to prevent the fly from infesting the fruit. The fruit becomes attractive to the flay as it starts to ripen and the sprays need to kill the fly right after it lands before it lays the egg inside the fruit. Unfortunately this requires that the fruit be sprayed every 5 to 7 days and spray should be reapplied if you get more than a 1/4 inch of rain.
Here is a link to a good homeowner article from Minnesota which names several effective materials which are available to homeowners.
Michigan State University has an excellent SWD webpage with lots of information but most of it is focused on commercial berry growers
I can imagine how frustrated you must be to have all that ruined fruit.