Transplanting pink spirea

Asked September 10, 2015, 1:00 PM EDT

Would it be ok to transplant pink spirea shrubs now? Or should I wait until early spring? Should I prune before or after transplanting - lightly or can I go close to the ground. I have 3 spirea, planted perhaps 10 years ago. Two have grown better than the third, which is more shaded. I would like to move all three to a sunnier location. I live in St. Paul. Thanks!

Ramsey County Minnesota

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Yes, you can transplant them now. Water them regularly to maintain evenly moist soil up until the ground freezes. This will help minimize shock from transplanting.

Re: cutting them back - if a shrub flowers in the spring, it should be cut back immediately after blooming. If a shrub flowers in summer, it can be cut back in the winter / early spring. Not knowing the cultivar of your spirea, you'll need to determine when to prune based on its bloom time. Spirea can be pruned lightly or close to the ground (called rejunevation pruning). Here's an Extension publication on pruning: