When are concord grapes available at farmers' markets in Pittsburgh?

Asked September 10, 2015, 11:53 AM EDT

I would like to buy some concord grapes to make jelly and I don't have the time to travel to Erie/New York this year. Do you know which farmers' markets in the Pittsburgh region have concord grapes for sale? If not, please let me know if Concord grapes are currently being harvested. Thank you. Anne Hawkins anneehawk@hotmail.com

Allegheny County Pennsylvania

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Looking at the PA preferred website, I found the following for grapes:
Brumbaugh's Delites

Johnstown Farmers Market
Central Park
Johnstown, PA15901

Cascio's Fruit Market
242 West Main Street
Somerset, PA 15501


Graceland Farm Market
1400 Sandy Lake Road
Grove City, PA 16127

The PA Preferred Website is located at:

I would call these locations to see if they indeed have what you are looking for. If you found no luck there, call the master gardener's office at:
Program Aide, part-time

Thanks, G.