Persicaria perfoliata

Asked September 10, 2015, 10:29 AM EDT

This is the first year we have had climbing tearthumb invade our gardens. It is everywhere. To make it worse it is entangled with poison ivy (which we have never had before, either). My husband and I are allergic to poison ivy. Can you recommend a service that will come to our house and get rid of these weeds for us? I am afraid it is going to kill everything.

Howard County Maryland

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These are annual weeds. They start from seed (berries) each year. Do not let it produce berries. It has almost no root system so it is extremely easy to pull up and kill.

If you have the normal sensitivity to poison ivy, we'd recommend that you put on long-sleeved shirts, gloves and generally cover your skin and just pull up the roots. You do not need to dispose of the entire plant unless it has berries (which, unfortunately dislodge easily). You may be able to just remove the berries. Otherwise just let the tearthumb remain and disintegrate where it lies.

We do not have names of services who do lawn and garden case, because we are not allowed to recommend particular businesses.

Here is info on dealing with poison ivy:

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