Is Nellie Stevens sensitive to black walnut's toxicity

Asked September 10, 2015, 9:41 AM EDT


One area of my garden is very tough for plants: it is a shady slope with clay type of soil and in immediate vicinity to black walnuts. It is also near to a busy street. I would like to plant some fast-growing evergreen trees, which would thrive under these conditions. Is Nellie Stevens sensitive to juglone? Otherwise, would you recommend something else. Thanks.

Montgomery County Maryland

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You have described difficult site conditions. In general faster growing trees tend to be weak wooded and harder to take care of later on. Also, plants growing in the shade will be slower growing.
We do not have research on plants that grow under black walnuts. See the link from Virginia Tech that lists trees and shrubs that are tolerant to juglone
Based on the list looks like American holly is tolerant , not Nellie stevens.