crabgrass at the lake

Asked September 9, 2015, 10:00 AM EDT

We have a patch of crabgrass on our lake lawn that I want to remove, add black dirt, and seed or sod. What is the best way to remove crabgrass that is also safe for our lake? The area is about 10' by 12' and is on a slope that slants toward a dirt road. Which is better--grass seed or sod?

Todd County Minnesota

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Crabgrass is an annual weed, meaning it dies at the end of the growing season and sprouts from seed in the spring. Crabgrass preventer is available at garden centers in the spring. So crabgrass does not need to be killed to remove it. Crabgrass killer is also available at garden centers that does not kill lawn grass if you wish to kill it this fall and start on replacing the grass. The label is the law (literally) so read the label carefully before purchasing a weed killer to see if it can be used on lakefront property.

For more information, check out this publication from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources: Better Homes and Groundwater

To decide whether sod or grass seed is the best option, check over the information at this link to see a list of pros and cons: Seeding and Sodding Home Lawns