Can a farmer grow tobacco in Michigan?

Asked September 8, 2015, 3:02 PM EDT

Can a farmer grow tobacco in Michigan?

If yes, can a farmer SELL tobacco in Michigan?

Macomb County Michigan

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This question is one that I asked for some help since Michigan doesn't have commercial tobacco production compared to the more southern regions of the country.

In 2004, the legislation that had been in place for the state quota system was overturned and deregulated by the federal government. So according to the USDA, any individual is now able to grow tobacco for personal or commercial production.

Like any commercial agriculture product that is sold, the hard part is finding a buyer to take a niche product once it's been produced. So, many times producers will have a contract that states the grower will have the opportunity to sell the product at a set price if the conditions of the contract are met.

Because we have so little tobacco produced in Michigan, I do not have any contacts for buyers in the area and would encourage anyone producing a product to make sure they have a buyer or outlet for their production.


Phil Kaatz, MSU Extension