where have all the hummers gone

Asked September 8, 2015, 1:51 PM EDT

Hi Mark, was just looking at your answer about the missing chickadee s, which made me think about our hummingbirds. We always have hummers from the end of june till the end of sept. But not this year.
One male hummer showed up at my feeder on May 25-looked it over and left. I rushed in to clean the feeder and make fresh juice, but he never came back. Then the end of june, a female showed up, but she also left.
I added a 2nd feeder with more freshly made juice-no luck.
I have a friend that lives about a mile to the north and another about a mile south of me.
They have had no hummers at all this year. Nothing has changed-we have the same trees and flowers-most to attract the hummers (bee balm and trumpet vine and butterfly bush, etc) What could be going on?

Montgomery County Maryland wildlife hummingbirds

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We have no official notification concerning the hummingbird population, but we have received a few questions concerning a lack of activity. However, we have also received information from homeowners saying that the local hummingbird population is normal. It could be a localized phenomenon. Let's hope they return.