Hornet aggression and extermination?

Asked September 8, 2015, 12:24 AM EDT

I recently had a bad encounter with some hornets which have taken up residence beneath my deck. I finally managed to figure out where they're nesting, and it's in a pretty good-sized hole under my deck. They are incredibly aggressive and reactive to even the slightest vibration (walking on my deck to use my grill is a hit or miss scenario). I've included pictures of the two who stung me (multiple times) last week...they didn't survive the encounter. My concern is the safety of myself and my wife, as well as any children in the area. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Benton County Oregon

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These are typical yellowjacket wasps. Nests can be very large and very aggressive especially at this time of the year. The nests will die off this winter but until then they can be dangerous if near human activity. There may be folks in the area (Benton Co.) that will collect the nests and eliminate them. I say "may be" because the person that did it in the past has retired but may have turned the business over to someone else - check with Extension. The next option is to hire a pest control company to treat the nest, or treat it yourself. See http://www.livingwithbugs.com/yellowjacket_wasps.html for some general info about managing yellowjackets (note: this is my personal website, the county Extension office likely has additional information).

Thank you; I'm going to try the recommended solutions for getting rid of the nests. They're making it really difficult to enjoy my yard at the moment. Thank you for your help!