pecan orchard pollination

Asked September 7, 2015, 8:24 PM EDT

Starting a pecan orchard with Pawnee pecans, around a hundred trees so far , planted six Choctaw and Elliott to pollinate the type one Pawnee. Question my orchard is surrounded by native pecan trees ,so will they help pollinate the Pawnees or do I need to include the type twos in the orchard. Also are the Choctaw and Elliott the best type twos to use to pollinate the Pawnees? Thanks Lonnie Crowder

Freestone County Texas

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"Small orchards may not need pollinizers if native trees ...are within sight of the new planting; however, large commercial plantings should include pollenizers within the orchard." from an Extension Publication on pecans:

It has been said from pecan specialist that Pawnee and Kanza are good combination of varieties for Collin County.

If you want detailed recommendation on varieties, you should contact one of our pecan specialists: