problems areas in my yard; which will not grow any grass

Asked September 7, 2015, 2:35 PM EDT

For years I have replanted grass in these dry areas and still grass will not grow, because there is no grass and the yard is a downhill slope the dirt is washing away. I have replaced the soil several times, but I need grass or sod to prevent this from happening. I need some advice on when to plant grass seed or sod, when to fertilize it, what type of grass seed or sod I should buy or anything else I should do to prep the soil?

Thanks your help wold gladly be appreciated

Prince George's County Maryland

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Seeing that this has been a persistent problem you may want to have your soil tested.
The ideal seeding period is from August 15th to September 15th Sod should correct the problem if all else fails. Sod can be laid later in the season when watering is not as critical as it would be at this time of year.Turf type tall fescue is the preferred grass for Maryland soils.