Pleas help identify this bug!

Asked September 6, 2015, 10:06 PM EDT

I have found a few of these in the inside of my sofa under the netting and I am praying they are not bed bugs. I am very worried about getting bed bugs that is why i took the netting off the bottom of my sofa to check for bed bugs. I did not find any other signs of bed bugs in the sofa or any where else in my house. Please note that this picture is enlarged and the bug is actually very small just a little bigger then the tip of a pen.

Cuyahoga County Ohio

3 Responses

They are not bed bugs, but unfortunately I cannot determine the species of insect based on the quality of the picture. They have a resemblance to a sawtooth grain beetle or flour beetle. It does appear to be a beetle, not a bed bug to me.

is it possible to have grain beetles or flour beetles in your sofa. My kids did have a lot of dry cereal that had fallen in the sofa. I was also wondering if it could possibly be a powder post beetles. Also can you tell me how to get rid of them or if I need to get rid of my sofa. .

It could be a powderpost beetle, but they prefer hardwoods, and usually furniture frames are made with pine. You would need to contact an entomologist or pest management professional in your area and have the actual specimen for anyone to give you a positive ID on that.

It is also likely that if there are crumbs in the sofa, it is a pantry pest.