Growing Hops

Asked September 6, 2015, 4:07 PM EDT

We live at about 9000 ft I Teller County. I would like to try growing hops for fun. Can you give me any information about that. Will the Winter temps be too harsh. That question also refers too any type of grape.

Thank you.


Teller County Colorado

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Hello Tim,
Yes, hops will grow at 9000 ft. but will smaller yields than at 6000 ft or lower. If you plant rhizomes by late July or early August at the latest the hops will grow and will survive the winter at your altitude.

The only possible grape that might survive the winter would be a Concord or Concord derivative that are cold hardy and cold winter hardy. You may be pushing it but I think is worth a try if only for grape juice and some table grapes. If possible, since you may only have a few, you might try covering with plastic thru May until last freeze has passed so you get a start on the season, as your short growing season might not allow for the grapes to ripen as they would at lower altitudes.

Please feel free to contact if you have more questions.