Poison ivy or another toxic plant

Asked September 6, 2015, 7:38 AM EDT

I have recently purchased this home and was looking forward to having a garden. While gardening I pulled out some weeds and trimmed some plants and creepers from my fence. Seems like I developed skin rash on exposed areas. I was covered well but the area between the gloves and sleeves, and the area around my neck where I wiped sweat broke out.
I have not had any previous exposure to these kind of plants so it will be great if you could help me identify what these creepers/plants are, which ones do I need to address, and, if possible, how.


Fairfax Virginia

2 Responses

The one not growing on the fence, but growing in the mulch is poison ivy.
The other two growing in the fence are not poison ivy.
The one growing at the base of the fence looks like English Ivy.
I do not recognize the shrub growing in the fence

Thanks for the id. I didn't expect that to be PI. I would have taken that to be a Maple sapling!!