replacement shrubs in areas infected with phytophthora

Asked September 5, 2015, 11:10 AM EDT

I have several rhododendrons that have died this wet year. What can I safely plant, in the spot where a rhododendron has died, as a foundation plant in shade or part shade that will not be susceptible to phytophthora?

I did search the Internet and found a few sites that listed a few species each. One site at this link seemed to offer a more extensive list, but required an account with a password at Penn State Extension. I thought perhaps your Extension might speak to their Extension.

Jefferson County Kentucky

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Thank you for your quick response, Amy. The list you sent is valuable and I am working my way through each of the possibilities. I am still interested in the list at if you can find a way to send it to me.


Roxanne, it is the same list. I checked with PSU. Amy

Thanks for checking. After I eliminate trees and shrubs that need full sun, my list is short. I think I'm going to plant eastern sweet bush.