Why have the leaves on my Japanese maple changed color from red to green?

Asked September 4, 2015, 8:00 PM EDT

I have a Bloodgood? Japanese maple. It is in a container. For a couple of years it always came back red. This year it had some branches that died and I trimmed them. The leaves are now green!! What have I done to my tree?

El Dorado County California

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It is possible that the container may be getting too small for your tree and that you are losing the soil nutrients and needed space for the growing tree. First look at why is it the tree has started losing branches and dying back. Is the pot too small? Is it not getting enough moisture? Then we can consider it may be a nutrient deficiency as to why you are losing the natural color of the the maple tree. Potting soils do not offer much nutrition for aging plants. Typically any fertilizers included in the bag are used within six months. You might need to repot the tree into a larger pot and blend in compost with your potting soil to add necessary nutrition. Then make a point to add more compost as a top dressing each year to offset what the tree uses.