Recovery from Powdery Mildew - canteloupes, Oklahoma

Asked September 4, 2015, 4:18 PM EDT

Recently discovered powdery mildew on very healthy patch of melons. Instructions from all sources said to remove affected leaves. That included ALL the leaves. I then treated with tebuconazol.

My question is this: will the canteloupe recover?

There were close to 100 babies growing when the disease happened. Now it doesn't look like any are still growing. What do I do now?

Pottawatomie County Oklahoma

1 Response

Regarding the question: Powdery mildew is a perennial issue on cucurbit crops within Oklahoma. A preventative program of (1 using a resistant cultivar and (2 regular applications of fungicides labeled for control of powdery mildew is needed if a grower is growing any type of cucurbit in this area of the country. If fungicide applications are to be made there needs to be a rotation of at least 2, but preferably more fungicides applied every 10-14 days.

Leaf removal is not a helpful means of control, but resistant cultivars and preventative fungicide applications are.

The county extension office can provide growers with a list of fungicides labeled for cucurbits and the diseases that they will control.


Lynn Brandenberger, Oklahoma State University