Land Division

Asked September 4, 2015, 10:18 AM EDT

Is it a fact that a second dwelling cannot be built on a parcel without land division approval, prior to a building permit being issued. I believe this is in the event that one or the other dwelling is sold, at which time land division would be required. If so, where is the authority found for requiring land division prior to a building permit being issued.

Delta County Michigan

1 Response

The Land Division Act, PA 288 of 1967 (being MCL 560.101 et seq.) is silent on this. Any such prohibition of building a second structure on a parcel would be in a local ordinance - a zoning ordinance, or a land division/subdivision ordinance.

It is a typical local standard that only one residential structure be allowed in single-family (or similar) zoning districts. Check with your township (or city or village) zoning administrator for the exact reference in local ordinance.