Ailanthus as firewood?

Asked September 4, 2015, 8:55 AM EDT

Are Ailanthus trees an appropriate source of firewood? What are the properties to know about before harvesting it for that purpose?

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Hi, I hope I am reading your question right. As far as firewood, ailanthus is moderate in heat value.... see

Wood Products: Tree-of-heaven wood resembles ash (Fraxinus spp.) wood in appearance and quality. It is easily worked with tools and glue, and takes a finish well. Alden [4] and Moslemi and Bhagwat [219] summarize manufacturing properties of tree-of-heaven wood. Berchem and others [23] and Adamik and Brauns [1] provide information on properties and potential uses of tree-of-heaven wood fiber.

Tree-of-heaven is an important timber and fuelwood tree in China, and is planted for timber and afforestation in New Zealand, the Middle East, eastern Europe, and South America [14,140,268,304,328]. Zasada and Little [328] provide information on tree-of-heaven cultivation.

You might want to compare density and hardness to this list of 53 tree species….ailanthus is close to ash……