European Paper wasp

Asked September 4, 2015, 12:23 AM EDT

we had some wasps this summer 3 miles south of Linch that were like Kamakazee pilots. They were SUPER AGRESSIVE, I'd never seen a wasp that agressive. They had yellow stripes on them. Do you think they were this invasive species?

Johnson County Wyoming

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It could be them. The European paper wasps are boldly marked with bright yellow and black on the body and has orange antennae. Our native paper wasps have more brown or burnt orange markings. Here is a web site with images of one of the common native paper wasps.

The western yellow jacket can be pretty aggressive too in defense of its nest too. They are a ground nesting species that sometimes get under porches or in crawl spaces.They are smaller than paper wasps, just black and yellow and a little "hairy" around the thorax.

Did you get any specimens of photos of the wasps?

I killed two as they stung me and looked them over closely. They were about 1/2" long with brown/yellowish stripes on the front part of the body and plain brown on the back part of the body. They could also sting multiple times and usually would. They would follow you for quite a long distance. We found the nest in a barn about 100 yards from where they were stinging us in a barn rafter. I am thinking maybe a bald faced hornet now after looking at photos on the web. Sure don't want them back.