Does Overseeding work to restore sparse areas of grass?

Asked September 3, 2015, 8:15 PM EDT

The landscape management service in my neighborhood will "overseed" this month. In the past they have done so by simply scattering grass seed in areas of sparse or no grass with limited success. They have not covered the seed with a thin layer of dirt. Is this the recommended procedure for overseeding?

Benton County Oregon

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The best time in Benton County to plant a new lawn or to over-seed a damaged lawn is between mid-August to mid-September. The warm days and cool nights are ideal for establishing new grass. To have a successful seeding the soil that is damaged needs to be prepared for the seeding. The dead grass, weeds or moss should be cleared off of the spot that is the target of over seeding. After the seed is spread it should be watered in. The new seed should be watered daily until the grass appears. By the first of October you should have grass fairly well established. Here is an OSU publication that should be very helpful and provide more information about over-seeding your lawn. (