moles in the garden

Asked September 3, 2015, 4:37 PM EDT

This is the first year I've had trouble with moles in my yard. I live in the country. They are now invading my vegetable garden. Is there anything safe and effective? I would like to eat the veggies if possible. There is untended field all around the yard and garden.

Otsego County Michigan

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Research is showing that moles are mostly carnivores living off, and searching, for worms, grubs and insects living in the soil. In sparse years they might go after vegetative material but not often. What you are seeing is their search patterns whilst looking for food. A problem does come up thru vegetarian critters like voles and mice using the mole tunnels for easy access to your vegetables. You can slow these guys down by tramping the mole tunnels as you find them. A daily process but necessary if you want to keep the veggies thriving. Many control options are readily available at your big box stores or local plant nurseries. One thing to remember if you use traps of any find in the tunnels use plastic gloves to hide the scent of human/large carnivore as the moles have an acute sense of smell. Thank you for using the Ask an Expert System.