Peace Lily leaves, bloom, and spadix turning black

Asked September 2, 2015, 11:55 PM EDT

I bought a Peace Lily a few weeks back thinking of taking it to college since it was a good indoor plant. But after a few days of buying I started to notice that some of the tips on the leaves began to turn black. At first it was only a few leaves but now almost all the leaves have black tips, the blooms, and the spadix have black tips.Even new leaves that are starting to grow also get black tips. Since getting it I normally water once a week and just recently leached it. I checked the roots and they have a whitish color to them but they seem to still be sturdy and don't give off any smell that I would associate with root rot. For the most part it is in a shaded room for a majority of the day only giving a few hours of indirect sunlight. But I do know that the room does get a bit hot since the average temperature outside is close to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. So I don't know if that is having any affect on the plant. I was thinking of also repotting the plant since it may be time to change pots. Currently it is in 6 inch pot and I might move it to a 7 inch pot to see if it does anything. I've looked through countless forums but can't seem to get a definitive answer as to why this is happening and what I can do.

Worcester County Massachusetts

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Repot your peace lily using fresh soil, breaking apart the roots slightly. Put it in a north window if possible. Do not fertilize since the dormant season is beginning. It should be able to tolerate 80oF without any problems. We cannot say for sure what is causing the blackening. It is likely that it could have been caused by some kind of environmental situation, which may be long passed. vw