I live in an overgrown Christmas tree farm

Asked September 2, 2015, 8:41 PM EDT

Hi there, I live next to a grove of beautiful 40 year old fir trees originally planted as Christmas trees. They have been looked at by an arborist and are fairly healthy. However they are very tall and it can get very windy up here at the top of the hill where I live in North Plains and I'm concerned about one falling on my house. I really don't want to cut them down. Do people ever cable a grove of trees together to protect their property from falling trees? I appreciate your time, thanks for any info you can give me! Kristin

Washington County Oregon

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Hi Kristin,
I'm not aware of cabling groves of trees together. Most of the Christmas trees here in western North Carolina are cut well before they reach 40 years old! Firs are not the most wind resistant of trees, so I would say that you have a higher risk of them snapping off in high winds as they get taller than you would with other species of deciduous trees. Your arborist should be able to provide you recommendations for stabilizing them. Otherwise, cutting out the higher risk individual trees would be the best option. However, If they're growing fairly close together, their collective shape probably provides more protection and resistance to wind more than a sparsely planted area. That's the best info I know to tell you. Good luck with them!