What is causing my apples to have brown indented holes?

Asked September 2, 2015, 12:55 PM EDT

My apples are deformed with small brown indented holes. The fruit matches your picture on the website that references anthonomus quabrigibbus. In the last year I've pruned the tree, fertilized with an organic product, and sprayed with a product made for fruit trees. The apples are much larger and better but still have not recovered to be edible as they still have the characteristics we are trying to get rid of. What else should I be doing? Do I need an insecticide?

Anoka County Minnesota apple diseases

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It is too late to any more this year. Next year try bagging apples if you don't wish to spray. Bagging is a very successful method of producing beautiful fruit.
Just about any kind of bag works: baggies, paper bags, bags of remay cloth etc.
Plum curculio is a common pest.