Eliminating grass invading Juniper ground cover

Asked September 2, 2015, 8:37 AM EDT

Deer have eaten down many of the junipers on the hillside in the attached photo allowing grass to grow among the bushes. Pulling the grass manually does not get to the root and the grass quickly returns. Can you recommend a product that is available to the general public that can be applied to kill the grass but not harm the junipers? If there is a product that can be applied by a licensed professional, please also provide the name of that product so that we can contact someone to obtain and apply the product. A photo of the area is attached. Thank you for your help.

Allegheny County Pennsylvania

1 Response

I have had some luck with a product called Ortho Grass-B-Gon which is formulated to kill grass in flower beds. Japanese stilt grass invaded my ground cover, and this product killed the grass without touching the ground cover. It was slow acting - took about a week. Also, in conjunction I used a pre-emergence weed killer to stop the grass seeds from sprouting. I'll need to apply the pre-emergent next spring and every three months during the growing season next year.
I would mulch the junipers with undyed wood chip mulch to cut down on weed growth and moisture loss.