What is eating my plants?

Asked September 2, 2015, 12:40 AM EDT

Wondering if you can help me determine, what is eating my raspberry leaves and kale leaves? Thanks!

Baltimore Maryland

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The raspberry feeding damage appears to be old, minor, and does not warrant any treatment at this time,

Fall leafy green crops are prime targets for many pest insects, whose populations have built up on the summer. Fall crops typically have faster and more problems with insects than spring crops. So, it is even more important to protect fall kale, etc., with floating row cover as soon as you plant your transplants.
Holes that big would be made by flea beetles or caterpillars (the defoliated leaves especially.) Late in the growing season pests already established in the garden also are in their larger stages so they eat more.

There are individual profiles on flea beetle and caterpillars in our Grow It Eat It section > Vegetables under Common Problems > Insect Pests.