Who can help with apple variety identification in Colorado?

Asked September 1, 2015, 4:08 PM EDT

We have numerous varieties of apples here in La Veta, and need help in identifying them. I will travel with the apples to get the answer to what our specific old heirloom varieties are. These are taken from old trees.

Huerfano County Colorado

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One option is to talk with the Master Gardeners in Pueblo. Their number is 719-583-6566. The horticulture Agent in Pueblo is retiring but may still be there to help. They may have information on varieties from your area.

One of the best options for identifying apples is to talk to some old timers in the area to see if they can ID your apples. They often remember varieties of apples grown in an area.

There is a book called "Old Southern Apples" by Creighton Lee Calhoun that is reportedly a good apple identification source. Other sources may be www.fruitid.com or www.applename.com.

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