What are the quickest growing shade trees?

Asked September 1, 2015, 10:33 AM EDT

We are building an arena and we want to line the west side with a few quick growing shade trees. We live in Creek County, and it's primarily sandy, red dirt, and sandstone. We would prefer that it didn't drop anything besides leaves and limbs.

Creek County Oklahoma

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There are a number of trees that would likely work in your area, but finding one that is moderately fast growing and doesn't anything but leaves it nearly impossible. "Fast" growing trees should generally be avoided as they are generally weaker and can be easily damaged in storms and they are often more susceptible to diseases and insects. Options might include Kentucky Coffeetree (male doesn't produce fruit), Japanese Zelkova, Silver Linden, Cedar Elm, 'Whiteshield' Osage Orange (fruitless/thornless), and Hardy Rubbertree. Success of these trees would of course depend on proper planting techniques and care.