Pink Peace Lily

Asked September 1, 2015, 2:46 AM EDT

Hello, just hoping you can help me identify the exact name of this peace lily that I came across in Hawaii. Thank you Susie

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Aloha Susie,
Thank you for your question. This looks like a pink anthurium/spathiphyllum cultivar. There are a variety of pink cultivars used in the landscape that come in all different shades of pink so it's difficult to say with absolute certainty which one this is. That said, I think this cultivar is most likely 'Misty Rose', a commonly used anthurium used in both Hawaii and Florida as a landscape ornamental. It is characterized by its upright and outwardly spreading plant habit; glossy dark green-colored leaves; flat, cordate and pink-colored spathes; inflorescences that are positioned among and above the foliage on strong and erect scapes; and excellent inflorescence longevity with spathes maintaining pink coloration for at least eight weeks. More information about this cultivar, including traits and characteristics can be found here

The University of Hawaii has also developed a similar looking pink anthurium cultivar called 'Misty Pink' (UH1069) but it is better suited for cut flower production so I don't think it would be found in a landscape setting.

Hope this answers your question.


Thank you so much Cynthia, I am thrilled to now know what they are called. I am in Sydney, Australia and plan to try and grow them in one of our garden beds as I think our climate is similar maybe just lacking some of the humidity.

Good luck with your garden!